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State Party Infrastucture

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Proposed Platform: Lance Christy (Draft 6 Jul 09) Last Updated on 2009-07-07 00:00:00 This is from an e-mail dated 8:30am July 7, 2009 from Lance Christie. - Please click here to join this portal as a publisher. Call me (801.274.0882) or Craig ((801) 328-1212) with any questions. - Cliff   Download: "Proposed.ENVIRONMENTAL PLATFORM.doc" Below is my draft from my notes at the Environmental Caucus at the Utah Democratic State Convention to which I was a delegate from Grand County, Utah.  As I briefly mentioned to you in the buzzing confusion at the end of the caucus meeting, I recommend sending this out to the caucus membership for review.  The objective I recommend is to achieve a platform statement on which there is consensus among the caucus members, with "consensus" meaning everyone can live with it. -  Lance Christie8:30am July 7, 2009.  *** ENVIRONMENTAL CAUCUS UTAH DEMOCRATIC PARTY Proposed ENVIRONMENTAL PLATFORM: Lance Christie (Draft 6... More »